21 Day ‘Fall’ Into Health Challenge

Mindful eating. Daily gratitude and movement. It's time to fall in to health! I'll be participating in a 21 Day health challenge and if you want to reset your health than I hope you follow along. It's going to be fun!

protein hazelnut cinnamon coffee

Lately, my favorite drink in the late morning is this creamy chocolate and caramel protein coffee. Which is wild coming from me because anyone who knows me, knows I am NOT a coffee drinker. I like the taste of coffee as much as I like looking at slugs (not very much at all). However, I … Continue reading protein hazelnut cinnamon coffee

December Intentions and Paleo-ish Noms

I'm less than 10 weeks until Lil' Kola makes its debute. 10 weeks! Of course that's only an estimate- really only this little spitfire knows the exact time it'll grace us with its presence. But either way, the end of pregnancy number 2  is drawing near. I'll be holding a new to the world baby … Continue reading December Intentions and Paleo-ish Noms

2 minute, 5 ingredient chocolate pudding (with a surprise!)

A delicious, nutritious, chocolate pudding with a surprise ingredient. It's my new addiction!

Fall Centerpiece

Check out this beautiful $4 centerpiece I got from my favorite place : Goodwill. A girlfriend pointed it out during one of our weekly thrift store hunting trips and I fell in love with it. Someone donated it and quite a few others like it. We guessed that the centerpieces were from a wedding reception. I … Continue reading Fall Centerpiece

Lazy Girl DIY Faux Fur Vest

Confession: I love faux fur any and everything. I love how adding a little faux fur can make any outfit chic. I enjoy all the pinterest worthy outfits I see of beautiful and stylish women rocking faux fur jackets, vests, infinity scarves, and the list goes on.   I think it's one of my favorite style … Continue reading Lazy Girl DIY Faux Fur Vest