December Intentions and Paleo-ish Noms

I’m less than 10 weeks until Lil’ Kola makes its debute. 10 weeks! Of course that’s only an estimate- really only this little spitfire knows the exact time it’ll grace us with its presence. But either way, the end of pregnancy number 2  is drawing near. I’ll be holding a new to the world baby in mere weeks. 😍

In order to continue my goal of having a healthy pregnancy, I have continued to eat paleo-ish and have kept up with my physical activities of running and yoga.


We ordered a new HIIT video and I’m excited for it to come in so we can give it a go. It should be in soon.

The third trimester is notorious for being the most uncomfortable and tiring. So far, I feel okay. Not 100 percent by any means but not awful either. After a visit from a friend who had a cold, I came down with one last week and that was no bueno. I felt awful and didn’t want to function. But having a toddler made curling up in a ball on the couch a no go. It did teach me something valuable though- avoid people with the cold at all cost. Your immune system is not strong enough. You will not beat it. You will get sick and feel miserable. Just say no to the common cold when you can! 😂

And now that it’s basically winter (it’s 20 degrees here. I consider that winter no matter what the calendar says), avoiding the common cold isn’t likely. Which is okay. I’m hoping that my run in last week with it means I won’t catch it again. The good news is a new month means new intentions!

For the month of December I have a couple of goals. I find that the simpler I keep the goals, the more likely I am to stick with them.

  • Hair care: I need to take better care of my hair y’all. I have dry scalp in the winter like most people. A goal for this month is to deep condition weekly. My hair needs it and my scalp will thank me for it.
  • Run everyday: I have cut my running distance down a lot due to Braxton hicks contractions. They tend to come on really strong when I’m running and I found that my sweet spot is 1 mile. Maybe 2 if I’m lucky. My goal is to just run everyday. Every single day. Short distances but it does wonders for my spirit and well being.

Nothing too extreme and a great way to end 2016. A little self care and physical activity is always a good thing.


And now for the food. Here’s what been going in my pregnant belly over the past few days following a paleo-ish lifestyle.

I hope y’all have a wonderful week and stay fed!

Yesterday I had a huge appetite. Lots of salad, yummy homemade bone broth (turkey bone broth made from the Thanks turkey. HOLLA!) And lots of kale.


More salmon, more bone broth soup, it was a good day. img_20161206_190032

I love a good bright ABC juice (apple, Beets, carrots, and ginger because I’m saucy) to start the morning. Packed with iron and other vital nutrients. Not too big of an appetite this day. Don’t worry. I make up for it later during the week! 😂


Special K cereal because I can. Cheat meal?


The creator of General Tso chicken died the day before I made these meals. To honor him and his dank cuisine, I made a home style version. It was amazing. Baby Kola ate as big of a portion as we did.


Not completely paleo. The pasta came with our Home Chef box. I couldn’t even eat half of it because I was feeling so miserable from the cold.


Made an exception for peanut butter. Peanut butter is life y’all. I don’t want to live in a world where it doesn’t exist.


Tacos for days.


Lots of green. Edamame noodles are NOT paleo (soy beans) but I make the exception for them. They are amazing! Packed with protein and super good when dressed up.


Bright colors ❤ The bottom left picture is cabbage with chicken.


-Sonni K.

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