Failing in 2016 and looking forward in 2017

"New year new me." That's the common mantra every January 1st. We set these lofty resolutions (often without planning how we will make them a reality or how we will stick to them) and try to fix our entire life a the start of the year. I'm guilty of it as well. Remember when I … Continue reading Failing in 2016 and looking forward in 2017

December Intentions and Paleo-ish Noms

I'm less than 10 weeks until Lil' Kola makes its debute. 10 weeks! Of course that's only an estimate- really only this little spitfire knows the exact time it'll grace us with its presence. But either way, the end of pregnancy number 2  is drawing near. I'll be holding a new to the world baby … Continue reading December Intentions and Paleo-ish Noms

How I became a morning person, 4am workouts, and tips to rise before the sun

The world outside my window is pitch black as my sports watch buzzes on my wrist a silent but effective and gentle alarm. It's 4am and although groggy, I stumble out of my warm bed that still holds my husband and large comforting pregnancy pillow. I grab my phone and quietly make my way to … Continue reading How I became a morning person, 4am workouts, and tips to rise before the sun

2 minute, 5 ingredient chocolate pudding (with a surprise!)

A delicious, nutritious, chocolate pudding with a surprise ingredient. It's my new addiction!

2,016 miles in 2016 and Matcha Chia Pudding

Y'all... you know how you make a declaration to do something in the spur of the moment and then realize that maybe you didn't really think everything through? Examples include, but are not limited to: "I'm going to learn to juggle" or "I'm going to garden" or "I'm going to drink less wine" or my favorite, "I'm … Continue reading 2,016 miles in 2016 and Matcha Chia Pudding

The journey never ends: self reflection

A couple of years ago, yoga found me, I felt inspired, shaved my head, signed up  for yoga teacher training and went to India. I stopped drinking, made a promise to stop gossiping, and made goals to better myself and to live authentically true. Two years ago never felt so far. I have since then … Continue reading The journey never ends: self reflection

Thankful 2015

This year has been incredible and I am thankful. I'm thankful that I was able to bring the most amazing little life into this world. I'm thankful for every smile I get to see, every laugh I get to here, and every tear I get to wipe away from her beautiful full cheeks. I'm thankful I … Continue reading Thankful 2015

duo becomes a fantastic trio

I've thought about coming back to my little corner of the internet for months. My mother finally convinced me to because she missed reading about my life. Even though we talk. Every. Single. Day. Over the course of a year, a LOT has happened. So much as a matter of fact that I'm just going … Continue reading duo becomes a fantastic trio

Finding the Magic everywhere- even in a laundry room

I know it's been awhile. I have been BUSY. I opened a yoga studio and my oh my! I am seriously in love with it.  Granted, it's not where I saw myself.... at first. If I were being 100% honest, I saw myself starting a healthy-ish food truck. That's where I imagined my love of cooking … Continue reading Finding the Magic everywhere- even in a laundry room


I am the WORST I know. I promised a juice bar reveal and I never did it. That's because things have been CRAZY! But in a good way. Life has a way of working out. 2 months ago I was a lost lonely recent graduate without any direction. And now? I am currently in the … Continue reading So.Much.Life