We bought a Farm!

We're moving! Again! And we bought a farm! Okay it's not really a farm but we can do farm like hobbies at the new house 🙂 The working name for our new home? The "Farm House." Because of course it is. The house needs a little cosmetic uplift, but we couldn't be more excited. It's … Continue reading We bought a Farm!

Thankful 2015

This year has been incredible and I am thankful. I'm thankful that I was able to bring the most amazing little life into this world. I'm thankful for every smile I get to see, every laugh I get to here, and every tear I get to wipe away from her beautiful full cheeks. I'm thankful I … Continue reading Thankful 2015

Fall Centerpiece

Check out this beautiful $4 centerpiece I got from my favorite place : Goodwill. A girlfriend pointed it out during one of our weekly thrift store hunting trips and I fell in love with it. Someone donated it and quite a few others like it. We guessed that the centerpieces were from a wedding reception. I … Continue reading Fall Centerpiece

duo becomes a fantastic trio

I've thought about coming back to my little corner of the internet for months. My mother finally convinced me to because she missed reading about my life. Even though we talk. Every. Single. Day. Over the course of a year, a LOT has happened. So much as a matter of fact that I'm just going … Continue reading duo becomes a fantastic trio

Finding the Magic everywhere- even in a laundry room

I know it's been awhile. I have been BUSY. I opened a yoga studio and my oh my! I am seriously in love with it.  Granted, it's not where I saw myself.... at first. If I were being 100% honest, I saw myself starting a healthy-ish food truck. That's where I imagined my love of cooking … Continue reading Finding the Magic everywhere- even in a laundry room

Magic House: Kitchen Reveal {Final}

So it only took a month but I finally got my juice bar delivered! I mentioned that I ordered it a while ago (feels like forever ago!) and it came in on time. However, it was missing a KEY component (namely the bottom piece that builds the entire foundation) so I waited. and waited for … Continue reading Magic House: Kitchen Reveal {Final}

Magic House: Kitchen Reveal {Part 1}

Okay, so that item I mentioned I was waiting on yesterday? It never came in. Well, they sent something but it was incorrect. I ordered a gorgeous kitchen cart for the empty space by the fridge from Overstock.com that was delivered two weeks ago. However, the cart was missing a vital component. They promised to … Continue reading Magic House: Kitchen Reveal {Part 1}

Sorry not the Reveal :( but here is our Magic House Kitchen Storage :)

Ok, so I am really really hoping that I can do our kitchen reveal tomorrow. We are waiting on ONE item to complete it and it's driving me a little crazy. I want to share the end results and hope that the item we need comes in today like we were promised (it actually should … Continue reading Sorry not the Reveal 😦 but here is our Magic House Kitchen Storage ğŸ™‚

Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Counters {Part 7}

My kitchen. It has quickly become my favorite place in our house. And that's saying a lot because I seriously love every.thing.about.this.house. But my kitchen? My little country kitchen with more cabinet and counter space than I have ever had? It's the bees knees. And I love cooking and juicing in it. That's right! It's … Continue reading Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Counters {Part 7}

Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Cabinets {Part 6}

Alright so about that crown molding. Yesterday I showed you the shady part of our reno process. Now it's time to show y'all the light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. HungryYogi loves crown molding. He worked with it for years and became pretty good at installing it. He eventually wants to put it throughout … Continue reading Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Cabinets {Part 6}