21 Day ‘Fall’ Into Health Challenge

I have exciting news! Well exciting for anyone interested in forming some healthy habits and a fun challenge before the holidays start. I’ll be participating in a 21 Day Fall into Health Challenge. I’ve been planning it for awhile and figured I should share it with anyone and everyone who may also want to switch up their routine. I believe in resetting the body every season. Earth does it with the change of each season so I am a firm believer that humans can benefit from it as well. Shedding old habits, relationships, and negative energy that may not serve us anymore and starting new habits, building positive relationships and a healthy mindset can only enrich our lives.

So why a ‘Fall’ into Health Challenge? Simple. I’m a mom and sometimes I like puny things. But also because I want my old habits to ‘fall’ away. Just like the leaves fall from a tree, I want the things that don’t serve me to fall away. I want to focus on the things in life that bring positivity in my health and overall well-being.

Starting October 1-21 I’ll be ‘falling’ into health. Although I am looking forward to letting go of bad habits, I do not want this to be about restriction. I want to feel healthier, stronger, and better after the 21 days. If I happen to look better as well? Bonus.

Once again this challenge is not about restriction. I want the people in the back to hear me- NOT ABOUT RESTRICTION. I will not be omitting any particular food group. Y’all I’ve dabbled in many diets and lifestyles. I’ve been vegan/plant based. I’ve been paleo. I’ve been raw vegan. I really have tried so many diets and all I can say after trial and error is that restrictions do not work for me. If I tell myself I can’t eat carbs for 2 months I countdown until the 2 months are over so I can have a cheat meal. And then another cheat meal. And then another after that. And then it’s 3 months later and my husband has to pry the bread and brownies from my fingers. Restrictions and labels just don’t work for me. Now-a-days I am all about intuitive eating and the 8-/20 rule. I try to eat what nourishes my body but I also won’t say no to a good old fashioned cookie. There are days I don’t eat meat but I would never call myself a vegan. There are days in the summer where all I eat is salads and smoothies but I’m not a raw vegan. There are plenty of days where I eat paleo-ish but I’m not paleo.


Wife. Mother. Yogi. Those are the labels I’m cool with. My dietary selection isn’t a label I want defining me. Mainly because I have the sort of personality that gets so wrapped up in the label. I get a little anxious about food when I start to place myself in a box.

All that said to say: NO RESTRICTIONS. However, if you are the sort of person who thrives off restricting in a healthful way, I understand. Eliminating refined carbs really helps some people (it did for me after my first child made her debut). Do what works for you. If you have to be gluten free for health reasons than be gluten free. Although not about restrictions, we will be limiting our dairy, refined carbs, and sugar intake. Limiting, not restricting. So if you want a brownie, eat half of what you normally would (I bet it still quenches the sweet tooth) and be done with it.

Alright. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to what the 21 Day Fall into Health Challenge actually is. The 21 Day Fall into Health Challenge can be broken down into the 3 M’s: Meals, Movement, and Mind.

The 21 Day Challenge: 


  • Eat mindfully and fuel our bodies with nourishing foods
  • 120 ounces of water daily
  • Limit sugar, dairy and refined grains
  • Eat the rainbow with every meal (try something green with every meal)
  • *Intermittent fasting*  (more information below)



  • 10 sun salutations daily (you choose when- I like first thing in the morning)
  • 15 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 2-3x a week
  • 45 minutes of Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) 3-5x a week



  • 5-10 minutes of daily meditation (whenever you can- this may be a moving meditation during a walk for Low Intensity Steady State or LISS)
  • Read an inspiring book you’ve been wanting to read (I’ll be reading Unstoppable: My Life So Far)
  • Daily Gratitude (write out or just say it aloud before bed)


And that’s it. The 3 M’s. Powerful and easy enough to implement for 21 days. What do you think? Are you in? I hope so. I’m looking forward to kick starting fall in a healthy way with a healthy mindset.

Wait I forgot the best part! It’s FREE!

What can you expect from me? 21 days of blogging! Yes. 21 days of sharing recipes, meal ideas, workout ideas, and overall progress. I’ve never attempted to blog more than 3x in a week so I’m excited for this personal challenge as well. Later today or early tomorrow I’ll be sharing my meal plan for the first week along with the workouts schedule I’ll be following.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you decided to ‘Fall’ into Health with me. See ya October 1!

Sonni K.  

*Note: intermittent fasting* I’ve been intermittent fasting for awhile now and LOVE it. I’ll discuss my eating window and more in my next post but if you are interested in learning more about it, I’ll leave some information below. You do not have to intermittent fast during this challenge but I’ve been thriving off this way of eating and highly recommend looking into it!



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