our top reasons for not sharing our kids photos or names online

A question I get asked quite often is why we don't share pictures of our girls online on any social media (with the exception being our private  snapchats). After our first was born, it was something I would get private messages about often and as she has grown, the question still arises, just less often. … Continue reading our top reasons for not sharing our kids photos or names online

protein hazelnut cinnamon coffee

Lately, my favorite drink in the late morning is this creamy chocolate and caramel protein coffee. Which is wild coming from me because anyone who knows me, knows I am NOT a coffee drinker. I like the taste of coffee as much as I like looking at slugs (not very much at all). However, I … Continue reading protein hazelnut cinnamon coffee

Failing in 2016 and looking forward in 2017

"New year new me." That's the common mantra every January 1st. We set these lofty resolutions (often without planning how we will make them a reality or how we will stick to them) and try to fix our entire life a the start of the year. I'm guilty of it as well. Remember when I … Continue reading Failing in 2016 and looking forward in 2017

The Christmas Story I’ll Always Carry With Me

Back in October, stores around the nation sneakily started displaying Christmas decor. By November, our ears bled with the sound of "Here comes Santa Claus" and now that it's December we all know what's right around the corner. My neighbors have a light show that includes a daily countdown down to the very last second … Continue reading The Christmas Story I’ll Always Carry With Me

December Intentions and Paleo-ish Noms

I'm less than 10 weeks until Lil' Kola makes its debute. 10 weeks! Of course that's only an estimate- really only this little spitfire knows the exact time it'll grace us with its presence. But either way, the end of pregnancy number 2  is drawing near. I'll be holding a new to the world baby … Continue reading December Intentions and Paleo-ish Noms

That time I sh*t my pants

Yesterday I saw 3 shooting stars and 3 deer during my run. Today I shat on the side of the road like a deer. Life is funny that way.

That time I was a sh***y friend

Sometimes I'm a good friend. Sometimes I'm not. This past Tuesday I was a really sh***y friend to my best friend. My husband's birthday was Tuesday and guys... I forgot about it. It was in the back of my mind but for some reason it was not a priority. I didn't make it a priority. … Continue reading That time I was a sh***y friend

Ready or not: pregnancy round 2

Farmhouse living has been kind to us. We started a garden, our orchard is growing delicious fruits, and our chickens will start laying delicious eggs soon. Lots of bounty abound! We even have our own bounty growing! I am excited to announce that Baby Kola is going to be a big sister. 🙂 We are … Continue reading Ready or not: pregnancy round 2

2 minute, 5 ingredient chocolate pudding (with a surprise!)

A delicious, nutritious, chocolate pudding with a surprise ingredient. It's my new addiction!

We bought a Farm!

We're moving! Again! And we bought a farm! Okay it's not really a farm but we can do farm like hobbies at the new house 🙂 The working name for our new home? The "Farm House." Because of course it is. The house needs a little cosmetic uplift, but we couldn't be more excited. It's … Continue reading We bought a Farm!