Lazy Girl DIY Faux Fur Vest

Confession: I love faux fur any and everything. I love how adding a little faux fur can make any outfit chic.

I enjoy all the pinterest worthy outfits I see of beautiful and stylish women rocking faux fur jackets, vests, infinity scarves, and the list goes on.




I think it’s one of my favorite style pieces this year. However, I don’t own any faux fur items. I did have a vest once but I donated it to Goodwill because I never wore it and wasn’t a huge fan of it back in the day (I was in high school and didn’t know that future me would regret giving it away). Most of the garments I’ve seen in stores or online cost anywhere from $30- $200. As luck would have it- I’m usually not too impressed with the $30 options.

So I reserved myself to admiring faux fur on other people. Until last week. I was in Joann’s with a friend and saw beautiful faux fur fabric and figured why not; how hard could making a vest be?

I searched for tutorials and found some great ones with sewing instructions and ways to create a pattern. Although I have a sewing machine, I decided to simplify it even more and not sew.

I love a good DIY but I’m a super lazy DIY’er. I learned the hard way with the kitchen reno that I really like the idea of DIY projects but am not a fan of the work that goes along with it. So if I can find a way to simplify a project, I will.

This is the Lazy Girl version of a DIY faux fur vest.


I’m pretty stoked on the results. It only cost 9 bucks (all fabric was 40% off and I had a 20% coupon to add on top of it) and took 30 min to make!

This beauty is going to get a lot of wear this year and I plan on wearing it on Thanksgiving Day. Why buy it when you can make it?!


I plan on making another one and getting enough fabric to make baby Kola one as well 🙂

This tutorial was inspired by this, this, this, and this.


You’ll need about a yard of faux fur fabric, scissors, a ruler/measuring tape, and a maker.


Start by wrapping the fabric around you like a shawl and marking how long you would like the vest to be with the marker.

Lay fur out on floor (not carpet! This stuff is MESSY) with fur side down.


Find the center point of fur and mark it. Lay down on the point with the middle of your back being on the center. Mark where your shoulders land.

Draw almond shape where one of the shoulder points and cut out the shape.

TIP: Try to only cut the fabric- not the fur. It’ll help keep mess down.


Use the cut out piece to draw the same shape on the other shoulder point.


Draw a half moon shape around each corner of the vest and cut around the half moon shape ending up with a circular shape.


Measure about 11 inches above where the original center point is, draw a line where that dot falls from one end to the other and cut a straight line across.

Try on vest. At this point I had to cut a little more of a half moon shape around the corners because it was too long.

I eventually ended up with something I really like. Shake off the fur ( I brushed it off because there were quite a few stranglers) and pair with an outfit.

Date night:


Day time fun:


Dress up (AKA my Thanksgiving outfit 🙂 ):


I’m super happy with the result ❤

Please let me know if you end up making this faux fur vest. I know you’ll love yours as much as I love mine 🙂

Happy crafting,

Sonni K. 


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