Magic House: Kitchen Reveal {Part 1}

Okay, so that item I mentioned I was waiting on yesterday? It never came in. Well, they sent something but it was incorrect. I ordered a gorgeous kitchen cart for the empty space by the fridge from that was delivered two weeks ago. However, the cart was missing a vital component. They promised to … Continue reading Magic House: Kitchen Reveal {Part 1}


Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Cabinets {Part 5}

Kitchen cabinets can make or break a kitchen. And the longer we are in kitchen reno mode, the more I realize I am particular about cabinets. I realized that I don't really like low cabinets. Low cabinets meaning there is a gap between the cabinets and the ceiling. I know a lot of people enjoy them and use the … Continue reading Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Cabinets {Part 5}

Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Countertops {Part 2}

Yesterday I wrote about the amount of prep necessary to ready the tile counters for concrete. As I mentioned, it took hours longer than I expected and more work than I was prepared for. I honestly thought we would lay the concrete in one day before I knew better. I didn't account for sanding, creating … Continue reading Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Countertops {Part 2}

The Magic House

I know. It's been awhile. For those who have sent messages asking if I am okay, I am. I am just bad with time management. I was in India for two months getting my yoga on and having awesome adventures. Then I had to do this little thing called graduate from my Master's program. And then … Continue reading The Magic House