Magic House: Kitchen Reveal {Final}

So it only took a month but I finally got my juice bar delivered! I mentioned that I ordered it a while ago (feels like forever ago!) and it came in on time. However, it was missing a KEY component (namely the bottom piece that builds the entire foundation) so I waited. and waited for them to send the missing piece. The company sent the wrong piece so the waiting game continued. They finally re-sent the entire package/island and told me to pick out the missing piece. The day it came in, Mr. HungryYogi  put it together and our juice bar officially became a thing.

Remember how the space was empty next the fridge?


Here it is now in all it’s fresh goodness glory:


I really like that the island fits PERFECTLY in the space. As snug as a rug and both the juicer and blender fit on the chopping block island comfortably.

*PS I got the blender I was lusting after.

The island has this nifty area for trash which works perfectly on juicing days because of all of the pulp.


It also has a drawer which I use to store needed tools and gadgets for juicing and smoothie making.


I love these built in shelves for our vitamins and our handy dandy travel blender.


And of course the herb garden:


and our DIY juice bar sign!


For the most part I was able to make the juice bar exactly what I hoped it would be and am thrilled to be finished with the kitchen.


Our DIY project was fun, exhausting but really rewarding. We saved a LOT of moolah doing it ourselves and enjoy our kitchen so much because we know the struggle it took to make it. I learned a lot about myself (I hate sanding) and a lot about my husband during the process (he is a perfectionist to the extreme).

In the next week or so I will tally our expenses up and let you know how much it costs us to complete our kitchen upgrade on the cheap!

Love, Life, Health, Happiness and a Full belly,

Sonni K.





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