We bought a Farm!

We’re moving! Again! And we bought a farm!

Okay it’s not really a farm but we can do farm like hobbies at the new house ūüôā

The working name for our new home? The “Farm House.”

Because of course it is.


The house needs a little cosmetic uplift, but we couldn’t be more excited. It’s close enough to family that we’ll be able to see them every weekend if we wanted¬†and close to Lake of the Ozarks and a National State Park. It has potential. When we first walked in, I felt that sense of “home” that my husband felt with the Magic House. He didn’t feel it for the farm House right away, just like I didn’t feel it when he felt it for the Magic House. We’re stubborn like that.

But I knew. And after a night of sleeping on it and visiting it again, he knew too. The farm House has a shed, a chicken coop, sun-room, and a great 5.82 acres to build some new memories.


Leaving our Magic House will be hard, but I’m excited to have a little land, make¬†a trail in our wooded area, grow our food, and get some chickens for fresh eggs.

I imagine our daughter running around the yard with the dogs running after her. I imagine us walking our little hidden trail after feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs. I imagine long summer nights watching lightening bugs from our porch and chilly winter evenings sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace. I imagine yoga in the sun room, laundry drying on the line, and biting into ripe home grown tomatoes. I look forward to grandparents keeping Baby Kola over long weekends, winery trips, Baby Kola knowing her family (blood relations and the friends we love like family), and being able to purchase booze at a gas station when we want (small little benefit of MO living vs OK living).

farm house 3

Starting anew. Again. 3rd time in our almost 4 years of marriage. But this time feels different. Feels a little more permanent.

farm house 2

So why the move?

Almost exactly 2 years ago, Mr. Hungry Yogi and I bought out first house¬†together. We quickly dubbed it our “Magic House” and fell in love with creating a home. We updated the kitchen, and slowly started to fill our home with furniture and items that represented us.

I was so elated to finally have a kitchen to create and explore new recipes in… but then I became pregnant (and food was the furthest thing from my mind. Well, unless it was mashed potatoes or lime juice).¬†We originally planned to stay in our magic house for 5-7 years. We figured we would re-evaluate where we were around this time and see if we wanted to move closer to family, or need a different size house, or need a career change. We were always opened to the idea that our Magic House may not be our forever home, despite how much we loved it.

But pregnancy. Pregnancy and a baby. Man how things changed. Suddenly, we started to re-prioritize. My husband knew instantly after our daughter was born he wanted to be closer to family. He wanted her to be closer to family. He didn’t get to grow up with his grandparents, uncles, or cousins around. He barely got to see them growing up. He wanted something different for Baby Kola.

Personally, I was on the fence. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for the time I spent with both sets of grandparents. Some of my favorite memories as a child are filled with my granny (my maternal grandmother) and her making my favorite foods, watching old movies with her, hearing her call me¬†“sunshine” and telling me to never cut my hair (she would have been pretty pissed). My¬†paternal grandparents live a few states¬†away but I was able to visit them in the summers and some holidays and these are moments I am so thankful to have. Swimming with them in the pool, begging my mami to make arepas every.single.day, learning to dance (and failing). I¬†got to know them as a kid and carry a relationship with them into adulthood and watch them be great grandparents to my daughter. So yes, I totally understand wanting to be closer to family. It’s important. I just thought we could wait until she was a little older.

But then the oil and gas industry took a major dive. And every other month became a stress of if my husband would be laid off. It’s scary as a new family not knowing if you’ll be employed the following month or not. Mr. Hungry Yogi didn’t really stress about it, but it really started to wear on me and I realized that our support system was 9-10 hours away. Maybe exploring options that brought us closer to family wouldn’t be such a bad idea after-all. So explore we did. And eventually my husband was offered a position¬†with a company in a town 2 hours from family that we were both stoked about.

So that’s where we are; working on selling our current house (if you know anyone looking to buy a Magic House, tell them to hit up my¬†realtor! ūüėČ ) and in the process of buying the Farm¬†House.

Farm house 4

Here’s to hoping that we dig the farm life! I suspect I will have some¬†DIY posts in the near future. ūüôā

Love, Life, Health, Happiness and a Full belly,

‚ÄďSonni K.

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