My last recipe: pizza Muffins

It is no secret that I love pizza EVERYTHING. I can eat pizza any day of the week. I love finding new ways to create pizza and one of my favorite ways to eat pizza is in muffin form. I am going to share one of the easiest and cutest ways to enjoy pizza. This … Continue reading My last recipe: pizza Muffins

Orange power juice

I love starting my day with fresh juice because I feel like I am starting my day in a positive and healthful way. There are numerous benefits to juicing; watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead to find out a few. We did and that is honestly what pushed us to invest in our beloved juicer. … Continue reading Orange power juice

Meal Planning Tip: Store Properly and Eat Mindfully

Many people are on a mission to eat healthier and eating healthier usually entails eating more fruits and veggies. Eating more fresh produce is a great goal but what happens when you can't eat it fast enough and the money you spent on it goes in the dumpster along with the mold growing on it? … Continue reading Meal Planning Tip: Store Properly and Eat Mindfully

Awesome graphic to show how to always have fresh produce!

Meal Planning Tip #3: Show those pretty greens!

Hey all! I hope Monday is finding you well and that you are not overly stressed with this week. I for one am super stressed; I have my stats exam tomorrow evening. You would think that since it was canceled last week because of our snow days that I would feel prepared and ready to … Continue reading Meal Planning Tip #3: Show those pretty greens!