(Spicy) Fudge Brownies

Why on earth add spice to brownies? As I mentioned I've been craving brownies and chocolate like a feign lately. I've been guilty of eating half a pan and wondering where it went. Adding spice is a magical thing- it suppresses the appetite. A little spice in my chocolate helps me from over indulging. Spicy food can help us feel fuller longer AND rev up the metabolism! If adding a little spice can help me enjoy 1 or 2 brownies instead of 3 or 5 brownies then it's worth a try! So then the question became- why not add spice to my brownies? 

Time to get spicy: stuffed grilled jalapenos

I have mentioned before that I love spicy foods and usually ask for the hottest sauce around when I go out to eat. D-Money makes fun of me and says that my need for spicy foods burned all my taste buds and my food needs to be extra spicy now so that I can actually … Continue reading Time to get spicy: stuffed grilled jalapenos

Spicy Aromatic Cabbage

I have mentioned before that I was a super picky eater as a child. I only liked vegetables that came from a can and only if those cans contained corn or green beans. There was one exception to the rule; cabbage. I love cabbage and my dear mother makes amazing cabbage and it is still … Continue reading Spicy Aromatic Cabbage