Buffalo Chickpea Dip

Some days I crave buffalo chicken dip. The cheesy, melt-y, spicy, buffalo-y, amazing dip; I miss it. I want every awesome taste that buffalo chicken dip offers, but without the chicken. So to curb my craving for it I got creative with: Chickpeas! Chickpeas are a great food to eat. Here are some quick reasons … Continue reading Buffalo Chickpea Dip

Pizza Breakfast Baskets

The mornings are starting to feel a little chilly here. Not fall-like chilly; it's more like high 70s weather that tricks the mind into thinking it's chilly since it has been in the high 90s up to this point. Oklahoma will take it though. I have started to see more morning joggers. I spend more … Continue reading Pizza Breakfast Baskets

Time to get spicy: stuffed grilled jalapenos

I have mentioned before that I love spicy foods and usually ask for the hottest sauce around when I go out to eat. D-Money makes fun of me and says that my need for spicy foods burned all my taste buds and my food needs to be extra spicy now so that I can actually … Continue reading Time to get spicy: stuffed grilled jalapenos

March Madness: Beer battered mushrooms

Confession: I don't have a bracket or really understand why I should. I do not particularly enjoy watching any sports, except for gymnastics and the occasional soccer game. I blame my lack of enthusiasm for watching sports on my high school years; I went to a performing arts high school and sports weren't really a … Continue reading March Madness: Beer battered mushrooms