Failing in 2016 and looking forward in 2017

“New year new me.”

That’s the common mantra every January 1st. We set these lofty resolutions (often without planning how we will make them a reality or how we will stick to them) and try to fix our entire life a the start of the year. I’m guilty of it as well.


Remember when I said I would run/walk/hike the year in 2016? In case you don’t remember the foolishness: My goal was to log as many miles as the year. So 2,016 miles. Didn’t happen. I have my reasons: running a marathon and my knee being out of commission for over 6 weeks, getting pregnant in the heat of summer and feeling nauseous during even the shortest of walks, buying a farm and starting numerous projects, spraining my ankle after a hike and so forth. But really… I just lost interest in it. It was a huge undertaking and it just wasn’t a priority in the grand scheme of things. With that said, I DO totally want to do this one year. Maybe in 2018 or 2020. I think it’s a bad ass goal and would love to accomplish it. But like last year, right now ain’t looking too good. I consider it a pretty big fail on my part. I didn’t have a plan to make it really happen and didn’t think it through. I legitimately woke up one day, saw that people were doing this on the Internet and decided I could also do it. Didn’t plan for injuries, didn’t plan for pregnancy, didn’t plan for a move, didn’t plan for anything.  But it’s a mistake I learned from and am taking into 2017.


This year I have a few goals/intentions. All are doable and this year I took some time planning to make the intentions attainable.


My Kick Ass Goals for 2017:

1. Keep marriage strong

  • Remember patience
  • Give compliments/thank yous/words of affirmation
  • Make time daily to communicate, work on puzzles, read aloud to one another, etc

2. Mother well

  • Remember patience
  • Make time daily for Baby Kola to have undivided attention from me or Mr. Hungry Yogi- no phones! (becoming a big sister is going to be a big ordeal in her life. She deserves to know she matters even on days when we feel overwhelmed with a newborn). Do this by participating in active play, her daily ‘lessons’, and explorations of the world (hikes/walks)

3. Get that booty right

  • Leg day 2x a week
  • Double days (HIIT and leg day)
  • Don’t be afraid to lift heavy

4. Remember the power of yoga

  • Practice 300 hrs this year (got this idea from one of my yoga teachers and LOVE it. Attainable and concrete way to measure progress)
  • Read yoga texts and stay informed on topics related to yoga and health

5. Stay in touch with friends

  • Text, call, send cards for events (birthdays, special events)
  • Make time monthly to actually hang out (did not do well with this towards the end of 2016)

6. Read more

  • Read 12 books this year
  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day reading

7. Plan for the future

  • Look for work outside of the home OR enroll in classes.
  • Decide by August which direction to take  (Lil Kola will be 6 months. Seems like a good time to move forward with this goal)

I think these are all attainable goals.


Writing them down helps and quantifying what can be measured helps a lot as well. I’m excited about crushing these goals this year. And if, for some reason I don’t crush them all, I’ll remember to be kind to myself.


Here’s to 2017, new goals, strong relationships, and strong legs and glutes! 😉


Sonni K.




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