Eating for 2 the Paleo(ish) way and October Intentions

Lately I’ve been setting intentions at the beginning of the month. These are small little goals that I hope make me a slightly better version of myself. Last month for instance it was to 1) feed myself well even if it’s only me. I tend to not want to cook as much if it’s just for me but made a goal to feed myself like I give a damn. That goal actually worked out really well. 2) stop checking my phone an hour before bed  (talked about this the other day). That didn’t work out so great.

The month of October is my favorite month. It’s the month of leaves changing, the start of fall, my birthday, all things pumpkin, and Halloween! I love October and am thrilled to be back in my home state where the season can be experienced appropriately. This month I’ve set the intentions to 1) stop checking my phone an hour before bed. Or by 8pm. I didn’t do too well last month so I’m trying it again. 2) write in my gratitude journal 3x a week. Seems a little silly and new agey but I truly feel better after writing a few things I’m thankful and grateful for at the beginning of the day. It sets my mood for the day. I usually take the time to do it once or twice a week. I want to do it more so I figure amping it to 3x a week is a good starting point.

Now for the food.

To keep healthy during this pregnancy, I try to follow at least a 2 paleo meals a day approach to eating. I’ve talked about why I love eating paleo in the past and that hasn’t changed now that I’m pregnant. Here’s what I ate over the last few days!


Fresh beet, sweet potato, and celery juice. Egg scramble. Chicken curry sans rice. Strawberry banana icecream with chocolate hardshell and pumpkin spiced cereal sprinkled on top.


Egg sandwich (the eggs are the ‘buns’) with hard to find paleo approved bacon and lettuce and tomato.  Paleo BLT 😍. Spaghetti squash with ground turkey and red sauce, and a salad. A snack of a salad. Bowl of pumpkin spice cereal because I’m basic. Cheese stuffed meatballs and salad. This is the day I craved lots of salad 😂


Bacon omelette. Pumpkin icecream and pumpkin spiced tea. Leftover cheese stuffed meatballs lettuce wraps. Snack of cashew butter with honey. National taco day dinner: grilled chicken tacos with homemade ghost pepper salsa.


Egg scramble. Adult ramen. Chocolate chips and dried banana chips. Apple with cashew butter and molasses. Grill packet of turkey sausage and veggies. Chocolate banana icecream. This is the day I wanted to snack the world away 😂

My meals in a nutshell. Varies day to day but deliciousness usually ensues.

Sonni K.

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