4, 3, 2, 1 Custard

Before I got pregnant, I didn’t really have a sweet tooth. Sure, I would enjoy a sweet treat on occasion but I was never really a “I must have chocolate NOW” type of girl.

I was the person who wanted a second or third helping of savory dinner over a sweet dessert. And when I would eat dessert– I insisted on having one more bite of dinner to end my meal on a savory note.

However, post pregnancy? That all changed. I want sweets. All the time.

After I delivered baby Kola, I wasn’t strict about my diet or workout routine. I was learning how to mother and the furthest thing from my mind was fitting back in my old jeans.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I knew I wanted to fit in my old clothes but I also knew that I couldn’t stress about it. So I ate sweets. Lots of them. And my sweet tooth only grew but thankfully my waistline didn’t.

A couple of months ago, I started eating a strict paleo diet. I was super strict with it for a month and then slowly added cheat days/meals in. Now I’m at about an 80/20 paleo lifestyle; I’m strictly paleo 80% of the time and allow myself to indulge 20% off the time. It’s a system that has worked out very well for me. I’ve lost most of my baby weight (3-4 lbs to go 5 months postpartum despite a 55 lb weight gain during pregnancy!) with minimal effort and still get to eat my favorite foods.

Paleo focuses on eliminating processed foods, sugars, grains, and legumes. Which sounds great- but I developed a mean sweet tooth. I had to find a way to curb my sweet tooth in a healthy fashion.

Enter this gluten free, dairy free, and paleo friendly 4, 3, 2, 1 custard.


The first time I made it, I was a little weirded out. I wasn’t ready for the texture. I had never had custard before and it sort of freaked me out. I actually thought it went bad or that I made it wrong but D-Money said it tasted like custard should taste  and the texture was right. I’m not going to lie, it took some getting used to. But now? I love the stuff. It’s a healthy whole food treat and it tastes great.


I love how versatile it is; you can add nuts, dried fruits or honey for different flavors. This recipe is adapted from 3, 2, 1 custard.

I decided to use PBfit in this version because I’m currently obsessed with it.



  1. 4 tablespoons PBfit
  2. 3 large eggs
  3. 2 ripe bananas
  4. 1 can full fat coconut milk


Preheat oven to 350ºF.

Prepare 4 oz glass jars or ramekins in baking dish. Place the jars in a glass baking pan and fill the pan with enough hot water  to reach a little more than half way up the side of the jars.


Blend the four ingredients in a blender until smooth.


Mixture will appear to be more liquid than batter.


Pour mixture evenly among the 6 jars in baking pan.


Bake in preheated oven for 45 mins or until mixture is no longer liquid and is stiff.

Let cool on a cooling rack completely, seal and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Can enjoy as is.


I love topping it!


Get creative! Personally I love topping it with nuts, coconut whipped cream, honey, dried fruit and whatever else my sweet tooth desires.

Those beautiful pecans came from our backyard!


I like to eat this after dinner as dessert and sometimes as an oatmeal replacement for breakfast.


Let me know if you try this super simple delicious treat and how you like it! ❤

Happy eating,

Sonni K.


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