Thrifty Thursdays: Preppy Fall 2015

“Champagne taste on a beer budget” is basically my motto for everything in my life. I like the finer things but don’t necessarily have a budget to afford the finer things. Which is why I proudly frequent thrift stores. A lot. Every once in a while, I am lucky and find something that needs to be shared.

I have been on a ‘preppy’ fashion kick lately. I am loving the sweaters over button ups look for fall. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my new ‘mom look’. If so, I ain’t mad at it 🙂

Looking ‘preppy’ can be expensive. Quality collared shirts can cost some major coin. Thank goodness for the Goodwill!

Today’s outfit:

A Ralph Lauren button up paired with a coral cotton blazer, chunky statement necklace, watch,  high-waisted skinny jeans, and Oxford style shoes.

IMG_20151119_143456Three out of the six items I am wearing are from the Goodwill. Can you tell which ones?

The button up, blazer, and necklace are all from the Goodwill!

DSC_0011I paid $1 for the button up, $1 for the blazer, and $4 for the necklace.

Y’all. The blazer and necklace were brand NEW with the tags still on them.

DSC_0008This comfy blazer was originally priced at $108! I got it for a buck.

20151119_152206The rest of my outfit I got on sale or at discounted stores. I paid maybe $13 for the jeans at Ross and $5 for the shoes at a going out of business sale at a boutique in Atlanta.

I love this watch. It’s not thrifted but I did get it for less than 5 bucks on sale.

DSC_0013Long live the Goodwill. Long live preppy fall 2015! 🙂

Sonni K.




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