A Hair Journey still counts as a Journey…. right?

So I got a new hairstyle! Yesterday I drove an hour and a half to an African Beauty Salon and got braids!


























The women were sweet with their heavy Nigerian accents as they discussed FIFA, their families, and asked about my life. We watched trashy day time TV as they contorted my hair to fit their whims.

It wasn’t as painful as I expected but did take around 9.5-10 hours to do. My body ached after sitting for so long. Thank goodness for yoga.

Two summers ago I started to grow my hair out from it’s usual prim and proper highlighted base of my neck haircut


Last summer I shaved my head


















and this summer I channeled my inner 90s era Janet Jackson.


























In the past I thought I would never do anything like this current style. I thought it would ethnically profile me too much.

I am happy I learned to silence that voice because it wasn’t beneficial. It’s just hair after all. And I am not my hair. Although I will admit that being on an ever evolving hair journey is pretty fun!

The deeper I go on this hair journey the more I realize that the style of hair is embedded with ideas of femininity, racial and ethnic histories, and is so much more than just style and personal preference. I am still not my hair, but I can’t deny that hair is pretty powerful stuff.


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