Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Cabinets {Part 4}

As the concrete counters cure, it’s time to work on the cabinets!

I want these bad boys to be white. Our kitchen space isn’t small but it is boxy and white does wonders for opening up boxy spaces. Inspired by kitchens like this:


















I found out the hard way that you can’t say ‘reno’ and not mention the word sanding. I can’t get a kitchen like the above picture without some major elbow grease. I also learned the hard way that sanding is essentially the second worst activity I have had to participate in (the first being that time I changed my maiden name to my married name and had to deal with government officials and so so much paperwork). Sanding is not fun. Anyone who tells you differently deserves some serious side eye.

Pinterest and HGTV totally lied to me. Kitchen renos are not fun. They require hard, painstaking work. If not for wine, and some good tunes, I wouldn’t make it.


With that, I am fortunate that we have an electric sander. That thing is an amazing creation and who ever invented it deserves a medal and an ice cream sundae with a real cherry on top (non of that gross maraschino cherry business here) and a kiss from my dog. That’s how thankful I am for the electric sander. However, despite my feelings towards my sander, my feelings on sanding remain the same: it’s the worst.

Thankfully we only have  27 30 cabinets (I somehow miscounted 3 which was frustrating to realize when I thought I was finished) and 18 drawers. No big deal.

Our apartment only had 12 so going to 30 is a MAJOR increase and improvement. We only had 5 drawers. Having 18 is blowing my mind a little. The storage in our kitchen is quite literally the best thing ever for me. However, sanding, priming, and painting 30 cabinets? And 18 drawers? Only if I get to whine throughout the entire process.

Which don’t worry, I do on a daily basis with Nala and the Captain. They hear all the ‘F’ bombs being dropped and without judgement. Best beings to complain to.

So anyways. Sanding.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took down the cabinets and placed numbers in the cabinets as well as on the doors. I used tape to secure that the numbers wouldn’t blow away during clean up.


I removed the hardware and placed them in ziplock bags.


We used both an electric sander


And a sanding pad because the cabinets have indented designs that need to be sanded by hand.


After sanding the cabinets and drawers we wiped them down with a wet wash cloth and allowed them to dry.


You want to get all of the dust off the cabinets in order for the primer and paint to stick and not clump. Captain is making sure we don’t forget to wipe them down good!


I made the mistake of thinking we would be finished in a timely manner (everything takes longer than you think it would in reno phase) and scheduled a nail appointment too early.


In order to protect my nails, I decided to wear gloves during the priming phase.


Look at all the primer on those gloves! That would have been all over my newly painted nails. Nope. Not having it. If you need to paint or prime after a manicure, gloves are your best friend.

Now it’s time to find a location to prime. I decided on the work shed, set down some tarp and got to work.


Here is the primer I used:


I looked out and saw that my furbabies were doing what I wished I could do; napping in the middle of the day.


Oh to be a loved furbaby with a backyard to roam sleep aournd.



Alas I have priming responsibilities. The cabinets are starting to look good even with just the primer.


Not great but I can kind of see where they are headed. Mr. HungryYogi assures me that they will be lovely once the paint is on them.

Check back tomorrow for crown molding and how we made our cabinets look just a little more grand!

Love, Life, Health, Happiness and a Full belly,

Sonni K.



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