Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Countertops {Part 2}

Yesterday I wrote about the amount of prep necessary to ready the tile counters for concrete. As I mentioned, it took hours longer than I expected and more work than I was prepared for. I honestly thought we would lay the concrete in one day before I knew better. I didn’t account for sanding, creating a boarder, priming and so forth. Hours are spent in prep. But Mr. HungryYogi assured me that the prep was necessary so I tried to keep whining at a minimum.

After the primer set for 24 hours (it only calls for 8+ hours but we let it set overnight and while Mr. HungryYogi was at work), it was finally time to lay some concrete. The idea of ridding ourselves from the ugly tile counters was exhilarating. We decided to use *self-leveling concrete*. If you want to change up your counters with concrete I highly recommend using self-leveling concrete. It will save you a headache and heartbreak later.

However, be prepared for people to not have a freaking clue what you are talking about at the big box stores. When we went shopping for our supplies, we started at Lowe’s. Which was a mistake because the Lowe’s in our town didn’t sell self-leveling concrete. Actually they said they never heard of it. So we took our big dreams to Home Depot. We almost left empty handed again which was overwhelming because we both were so ready to start our project but someone came to the rescue at the last minute and showed us the self-leveling concrete light. Thank goodness.

Now let’s lay some concrete! We picked up this encouraging bucket from Home Depot and got to work!


Here is what we used:


We had to mix the concrete and water first (follow the instructions/measurements on the back of your self-leveling concrete package). Using a power drill with a mixer extension will do the trick. Look at that thing go!


I joked with Mr. HungryYogi that his mixer is like a macho version of my Kitchenaid mixer. I mean look at it!


But then I took it back. Nothing is more macho than my $19.99 sexy mixing beast!


Anyways, back to concrete counters.

After the concrete is thoroughly mixed, use a steady hand to pour it over the tile counters.


A nice even pour if you can.


The concrete will level itself out, but it’s always good to push it in the right direction.


Get in those corners.


The very corner of those corners.


We laid the concrete on the first L-shaped counter and felt relieved. We mixed our second bag of concrete with water and went to work on the rest of the counters. When we finished the second L-shape counter and the little rectangle counter, we felt like the world was ours for the taking!


Look at how gorgeous the concrete was laid!


Even around the sink (which reminds me, tape the edges of your sink!)


Now we wait for the concrete to dry.

While we wait for the concrete to dry, it’s a good time to work on other projects. Like more sanding. Check back tomorrow for cabinet talk 🙂 But for now, look at how beautifully these counters are drying.


Love, Life, Health, Happiness and a Full belly,

Sonni K.




11 thoughts on “Diaries of a Kitchen Reno: Countertops {Part 2}

  1. hi there…i am about to do the same to my kitchen as well..some question, is your tile wrap all around the the cabinet which is what i have…how do you screw the boarder on it?? what do you mean by priming the tile top?

  2. Only prob with self leveling, is countertops need to be atleast 5000psi to hold up, that’s what I used, if u choose to self level, that’s ur perogative, it does look good and much easier than concrete

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