The Magic House

I know. It’s been awhile. For those who have sent messages asking if I am okay, I am. I am just bad with time management.

I was in India for two months getting my yoga on and having awesome adventures.


Then I had to do this little thing called graduate from my Master’s program.


And then I had to do an even crazier thing like finding and buying our first house.

It has been an insane past few months. But I am back. And I promise to never take such a long hiatus again. 😉

Where to start? I have so much to write about (my travels, yoga, FOOD) but feel that the most pressing issue right now is the house. Not just any house: Our Magic House.


After I came back from India, my life seemed to be moving in hyper speed. I had to finish my program, Damir was in the throws of applying and interviewing for jobs as well as wrapping up his program, and I started working at an awesome Gluten Free, Allergen Free and Vegan friendly restaurant as a cook (dream job for me). Around April 3 we received an eviction notice from our landlords. Don’t worry, we were paying our rent but our incredible slum lords decided to sell our apartment complex in the middle of our lease and the new owners wanted to tear the building down. They wanted us out by April 30th. April 30th!

They wanted us to move out during the most hectic time of our academic careers. Plus trying to find a new place seemed ridiculous because we probably would not have been living there for long. At the time we had no clue where we would move but knew that the college town wasn’t it. We begged to stay until May 15th and thankfully they worked with us.

Damir got a great job offer in an even smaller town but the offer was so good, we knew we had to take it. We figured we would rent again and were looking for a house to rent so that our furbabies could roam around. However, this town is so small that there weren’t affordable places to rent that allowed animals of any sort, especially not a 70lbs dog/beast. There were a couple of duplexes that were going to cost over $1000 a month and would allow our baby girl and boy to live there. No thanks.

Getting rid of our animals never crossed our minds for those curious. How can you get rid of this?


So we looked into buying a house. We figured that buying a house would be a better call than renting. And we were right. Our mortgage is nothing compared to what we were expected to pay in rent and at the end of the day- it’s ours. We can do what we want with it.

We went house hunting on a Wednesday and put an offer in that Friday and the seller accepted that Saturday. It was a ridiculously quick process. Maybe even a little irresponsible. I mean we bought a house kind of on a whim. Because of our dog.

And we would do it all over again in a heart beat.


Thankfully we had some money saved for the down payment (it was not intended for a down payment because we weren’t even thinking about buying a house but that’s irrelevant).

The Magic House


This house is love.

It was the third house we walked into and Damir knew right away. He was ready to stop looking. I insisted we see the other 20 houses on our list. We were the first ones to see the house and by the end of the day, I wanted to make sure we were the only ones to see it. We saw some other great houses but nothing compared to this beauty.

It’s the perfect size for us. When you walk in, you smell wood. The kitchen is spacious, roomy, and more than I could have asked for.

The backyard has a zombie proof fence which makes it ideal for our furbabies.

We have three pecan trees in our yard. YUM!


I seriously love that the house came with an industrial strength fence and flowers!


And a finished deck (We will be expanding and staining it though!)


It has a room where I can teach and practice yoga.

This second living space can fit 5 people plus me. It is the perfect ‘studio’ substitute.

These are the doors leading to my yoga oasis.

Real wood French doors but I think they need a paint job.


It has a spacious shed haven for Damir.


He loves this shed. I suggested we use it as extra storage and he was appalled. It’s for tools and things, not Christmas supplies. Whatever, the attic has storage for my discount Christmas goodies.


Our Magic House was built in 1955 and the previous owners bought it for cheap, gutted it out and made it their dream home. We got a chance to talk with the sellers and learned a lot about our new home and them. The husband is a carpenter and really did this house up right. You can see it in the details. From redone floors, to the brand new master suite, to the beautiful detailing in the wood: this is a magic house.

These beautiful wood markings can be found throughout the house.

They brought it back to life. It has a Colorado meets Santa Fe charm to it because they lived in both places and were into the cabin vibe (and so are we). They moved because they wanted more land and wanted some farm animals. The wife wanted to pick the house up and plant it on their new 28 acres. We are glad they couldn’t.

A huge part of me wanted a fixer upper. I wanted something a little run down and to make it our own. This house was move in ready. We officially closed last Monday and after moving in, I can say that buying this house was the best semi spur of the moment decision we could have made. I don’t think we are ready for a fixer upper. I don’t think I would have been able to handle it (I can barely handle our current project). The main reason I wanted a fixer upper was because I wanted a house with charm. Our Realtor showed us brand new homes within our budget but they were so wrong for us because they were like everyone else’s house in the subdivision. I needed my house to have character. And this 1955 beauty is filled character, charm, and all the bells in whistles of a new home because it was gutted out and redone.

The Master Suite= Our haven

We love this house but I can’t wait to make it our own and to add some of our flare to it. We are currently living in a hotel that the hubby’s company is paying for as we update the kitchen to fit our needs.


The kitchen isn’t bad. It has an awesome pantry.


But the style is not us.

There is tile on the counter tops… Needs to GO!


We figured that since his company will pay for our food and hotel living for 30 days, we may as well use the time to get the kitchen finished.

Like filling this space

I love the kitchen because of the light it gets. It has three windows and a beautiful glass door leading to the back yard.

Of course, I took these pictures at night though

Our fridge should be delivered tomorrow. We laid the new kitchen counter tops down last night (I will be posting soon about that process), and I took the 27 cabinets and 18 drawers off to paint. I am so excited to see what the end result will look like and am so thankful for my handyman because without him, my dream would just be a dream.

I can’t wait to share the DIY ideas I have (thanks Pinterest and HGTV) and the inevitable fails that will come with them. Another benefit with having a kitchen complete is that I will be able to start cooking and sharing recipes again.

I plan on painting the walls soon. We plan on buying furniture to put inside (it’s pretty empty right now). We plan on hosting Thanksgiving dinner here this year. This house is filled with possibilities for the future and whispering stories from the past. I couldn’t be happier.


It feels good to be back. It feels good to have a home. It all just feels so good.





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