Thrifty Thursdays: practical finds

As a grad student, I have to make our budget go far. Searching thrift stores helps a lot. Every once in a while, I am lucky and find something amazing at the Goodwill or another thrift store and feel the need to share it.

Usually when I go thrift shopping I am on the browse for clothes. Not that I need anymore clothes, but I usually initially go looking in hopes that I will find some cool gently used wearable treasures.

Lately, I haven’t had much luck in the clothing department, which is a good thing. My closet and drawers are happy that I am not stuffing them with more items. You would think that would mean that I save my money and leave empty handed. Not quite.

I have found other hidden gems. I have been finding practical items! For super cheap.

Exhibit A: A brand new, never been opened digital food scale


I love this thing!

We got it in it’s original wrapping and had to break the seal in order to insert batteries.


I have been using it once a day to measure food and it has really come in handy. I feel like I am finally learning what a serving size really is (hint: my portions were way too big). We saved a little over 10 bucks getting from the thrift store.


Exhibit B: Paper shredder


This was the most exciting practical item I have ever found in a thrift store.

I have been wanting one for over a year now but just couldn’t justify the purchase. Black & Decker paper shredders can run anywhere from $49.99- $89.99. Just a tad bit on the too expensive side for us. I wanted one to shred personal documents instead of cutting them with scissors over the trashcan once every two weeks which was growing old. However, if it meant saving 50 bucks, I would keep using the scissors.

Damir saw this, picked it up, and excitedly told me he found “the coolest thing ever for 8 bucks.”


I was so excited. No more scissors and it works like a dream!


Exhibit C: International plugin adapters


Traveling plans are in the works and we were actually on the market for an adapter set (full disclosure coming next week!). We found this by pure luck for $9 at the thrift store. I believe in signs. I believe that things/people/inspiration/moments find you when it’s time for them to find you. With that said, finding this random adapter set out of the blue when we were in the middle of planning something spoke to me as a sign that we were on the right path.

Plus we got it for half the price they are listed when new. It was still in it’s original packaging and never used.

Practical thrifting for the win this time! All of these items will make my life easier and two of them have already started. Unlike clothes, they aren’t space hogs because they get used on a consistent basis and make my world a little more organized.

However, next time I thrift, I hope to find a hidden wearable treasure. What?!? My closet isn’t at capacity yet (it totally is).

Love, Life, Health, Happiness and a Full belly,

Sonni K.


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