Halloween and the goals of November

It’s Friday, the sun is shining, it’s a new month, and I am determined to make November the best month of 2013.

However, October was a pretty fantastic month! I had my first ever surprise party and last night was Halloween.

I love Halloween. Last year Damir couldn’t celebrate with me because he had an exam the following day so I went as a desperate 1950s housewife:


We almost had a repeat of not being able to celebrate this year but thankfully that wasn’t the case. This year Damir and I came up with a very last minute couple costume idea: New age, organic only, Whole Foods shopping, western yoga doers. Basically we made complete fun of ourselves and had a blast!


We got to say fun things like: “Let the light shine through your collar bones,” “Breathe from your anus,” “We will only drink that if there is kale in it,” “Where are my chia seeds” and so on. It was a blast!

Nala even got dressed for the occasion.


Honestly, her costume was the best we saw all night. She loved it so much she still hasn’t let us take it off her. Did I ever mention how much Nala LOVES wearing clothes? Well she does. The problem is finding clothes that fit her because she is basically a horse but when we do find them, she is so happy!

We ended October on a high note; the whole month was wonderful. But I am ready to have an even better month this November!

I have some goals for November and I am excited to meet them.

The yoga studio I go to is hosting a 30 Day Challenge which I am completely committed to. Last time I participated in a 30 Day Challenge I was unable to go everyday so I would ‘cheat’ and go 2x in one day to make up for the days I couldn’t make it.

This time my goal is simple: be on my mat everyday no matter what.

Going twice or more in one day is great but I really want to go everyday because I feel like I will get a lot out of it. I feel like a daily studio practice will really take some dedication and I am ready for it.

Most of my November goals are centered around yoga and detoxing my body and mind. One of my goals is to actively participate in my community. Here is what I have planned!

November Goals:

  1. Participate in 30 Day Challenge (attempt splits and jump throughs daily)
  2. No alcohol consumption
  3. Volunteer at food pantry/ soup kitchen at least 2 weekends.

Three goals. That’s it. I should be able to meet these.

I decided to cut alcohol out of my diet for the month because I feel like not drinkingĀ  alcohol and participating in the yoga challenge go hand in hand. Plus after our Halloween adventure last night, I can use a drinking break.

What about you all? Got any goals for the month of November? Share below!

Love, Life, Health, Happiness and a Full belly,

Sonni K.



2 thoughts on “Halloween and the goals of November

  1. Those are great goals! I too am optimistic for things to come in November. I’ve just signed up for a bootcamp. I like that you’ve broken down goals for a month as that seems doable. Love the costumes!

    1. Holli, thanks! What sort of bootcamp did you sign up for? I have never tried a bootcamp- the mere name scares me haha. I think these are attainable goals. Sometimes I get a little over board with making goals and end up feeling overwhelmed but I think these are realistic ones! November is going to be a great month for us both!

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