Halloween on a dime

I love fall. It’s my absolute favorite season. I love pumpkin ale and chilly mornings. I love watching the leaves change colors and the displays of pumpkins on porches. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I love October the most. It’s my birthday month but it’s also the month that has Halloween which is my absolute favorite ‘holiday’.

I look forward to the day I can decorate our future home but for now our little apartment will have to do.

Since the hubs and I reside in an apartment right now, collecting a lot of expensive decorations is not in the cards. When we move, the idea of traveling with all of that stuff sounds exhausting and unnecessary. So I collect stuff that I can definitely use for future Halloweens but doesn’t take up a lot of space and stuff that is cheap on the off chance that if I can’t take something with us, I won’t be devastated.

Here are some things I got for cheap that I love!


It’s a pumpkin rug with the word ‘boo’ on it and a wall decoration. We got this rug for 4 bucks and the wall decoration for a $1! I love how happy the pumpkins look on the rug; I think they had too much ale.


I got this ice tray from the dollar store! It works great. Sorry about the blurry picture, I took it with my phone.


This picture doesn’t do it justice but those trays work great! I am seriously contemplating stocking up on these trays because they are awesome. I feel like kids will love them!


That’s the door leading to the back yard in myhotboxkitchen. This picture was also taken with my phone so it’s also a little grainy. I got the skeleton apron for 3 bucks! And those cute pumpkin pot holders for $1.


I found this pumpkin candy holder at a thrift store for 50 cents. It’s a perfect decoration for all of fall. The colors are so vibrant.


Can’t be Halloween without some creepy (or are they romantic?) candles.


Cute pumpkins as the center piece for my dining room table and a spiderweb table cloth that was 7 bucks.


This is how the table looks from afar. I got those dishes from the dollar store!

DSC_0165Aren’t they gorgeous and perfect for fall?

The plates are from Better Homes. I have been wanting some deep red plates for awhile but the price is usually too steep.


Plates from Better Homes are usually 8 bucks per plate- I got the entire setup (plates and bowls) for that price.

My Halloween haul?  Under $25 bucks.

The joy of making our little apartment feel like a home during the holidays? Priceless (plus that 25 bucks).

I hope you enjoyed this light hearted read and that you stop by tomorrow for a wicked good recipe 🙂

Love, Life, Health, Happiness and a Full belly,

Sonni K.


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