Thrifty Thursdays

As a grad student, I have to make our budget go far. Searching thrift stores helps a lot. Every once in a while, I am lucky and find something amazing at the Goodwill or another thrift store and feel the need to share it.

As much as I love leaving a thrift store with stuff for myself, it’s equally as exciting to leave with stuff for others. Some of my friends don’t enjoy thrifting and will not wear second hand clothing or buy second hand items because of their personal views. No matter how much I try to sell the power of thrift, they aren’t drinking my thrift juice.

And that’s okay. I do have some friends who LOVE thrifting as much as I do; those are the friends I get to surprise with gently used treasures. I love both camps of friends equally, but get to surprise those who enjoy thrifting more often because of my limited budget.

I know the person I decided to spend the rest of my life would have to love thrift. I timidly bought surprise items for him from the Goodwill and each time he loved them. I stopped being timid and told him he was going to go with me one day. I quickly converted D-Money into a  thrifter after I took him to a Goodwill and we spent 2 hours looking around and falling in love. We left with a collection of inexpensive goodies and made it a Sunday morning tradition. We didn’t always find things (that would wreck havoc on the budget!) but the rare times we did find something worth taking home was an awesome experience because we were doing it together.

On our most recent outing we picked up these awesome $8 shoes.


Seriously, I am obsessed with them and wish he wore them EVERY DAY. I cannot wait for fall when he is wearing jeans and rocking this babies on a daily.


They are suede and the soles look like they were worn twice. I love the tan color and the fact that they can go with pretty much anything.


He found and he showed them to me and I was instantly jealous. If only they had my size too.

On this same trip we also got some adorable baby clothes for a couple of  friends new born baby girl. We met the parents at OSU and they are some of the sweetest people we have ever met. They recently had a baby girl and she is ADORABLE. Seriously the most precious looking child. The happy parents are my kind of people; they are doing a very natural parenting style and encouraged that if people were going to buy clothes that we buy second hand clothes since babies grow out of it all in you know, a second.

They recently moved to pursue their PhD elsewhere and I wanted to send a care package months ago but decided to wait until I knew the sex of the baby. They waited until the baby was born which is pretty impressive. I want to do something like that but surprises get me too excited and I end up ruining it for myself. With that said, they had a perfect little girl and I can finally do some baby shopping.

I love this little monkey suit. It makes me so happy.

DSC_0484Cute little monkey on the back.


A friend helped pick out this adorable little pink and brown dress. It will be perfect for fall.


I just love the color green.


I love the color pink sometimes. But I love giraffe prints ALWAYS.


This is the perfect “I’m a baby and I am cute and I lounge” outfit.


I can’t wait to send my package out. I am visiting a thrift store this weekend and hope to find one or two more baby items before sending it off.

Do you have any friends  who love thrifting? Have you ever surprised them with an awesome find? Share your stories below!

Love, Life, Health, Happiness and a Full belly,

Sonni K.


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