Doggie Paradise: A Lake Day for Nala and Lady

A good friend of ours came to visit us for a couple of days while he road trips from Missouri to California (a 30 hour drive!).

We were so excited to see him but not nearly as excited as Nala was to see her best girlfriend, Lady.

Nala was so excited she tried JUMPING in the car!

Lady is an older, sophisticated dog with standards.


She treats Nala like a pup and Nala can’t get enough of her. They are truly best friends and bring out the best (and worst) in each other. Lady acts more carefree and puppy like with Nala around and Nala acts like she has some common sense (a rarity) with Lady around. It’s a match made in doggie heaven.

My favorite summer activity is going to the lake. There is no better way to spend a hot day.

Human activites: beer, floaty and lake

We took the two friends to the lake yesterday and they played like there was no tomorrow. It was such an exciting day for them (and us) that I felt they deserved to have their adorable day shared.

Nala gets so excited when she knows where she is going.


The two friends rummaging about.


Lady contemplating if she will get her swim on for the first time! (she does eventually but we forgot to take a picture of it)


Nala participating in her favorite activity: lazily catching the ball


Humans being less active than our pooches


They started to calm down and settle into just wanting to be next to each other


The drive home was the cutest part of our lake trip


They just wanted to cuddle and were tuckered out


They had a blast.


5 thoughts on “Doggie Paradise: A Lake Day for Nala and Lady

    1. Thanks! I want to get another pup so that Nala always has a buddy to play with. Hopefully we are able to add a little puppy to the mix soon. It’s so awesome that you have two, I bet they are inseparable!

      1. I think animals naturally do better in pairs 🙂 Ours are inseparable. I want to add a pair of kitties to our bunch, but we will see. Hope you get another cutie soon!! 🙂

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