Outdoor climbing and meal planning tip: fast food edition!

This past weekend I had the most amazing experience: I went on a climbing trip for women in Fern, Arkansas.

The strong women I got to spend the weekend with!

It was a different experience than indoor climbing and I am so happy I went. I climbed some challenging routes and feel like I did good for my body and my mind. I pushed it hard and in many ways re-fell in love with climbing.


I am currently in the process of looking for our own outdoor equipment because I want to spend the summer doing yoga, running, outdoor climbing and I guess school work… No definitely school work because good news: I received an offer for the summer as a research assistant (thank goodness; I wasn’t excited about the possibility of looking for work at Chipotle again- although I would gladly work there if it meant paying bills and eating for the summer).

A snapshot of my three week stint at Chipotle

Here are some pictures from the adventure!

Felt a major sense of accomplishment when I made it up this route!
Belaying for a strong climber!
First route of the weekend- set the stage for FUN!
My beautiful climbing buddies; they are both also in the sociology masters program with me. The woman on the left is responsible for getting me into climbing! She is STRONG- they both are!
This route was a pain to get, but I made it up!
Getting some chalk… aka taking a break but trying to look busy 😉
Enjoying the beautiful little stream and mini waterfall!

This weekend was a lot of fun but now we are back in the real world with deadlines and schedules. I have 12 weekdays until I am finished with my first year as a Master’s student and 31 days until D-Money and I go on our summer vacay. That thought will get me through the rest of this semester.

I want to switch gears from fitness and talk food. I am obsessed (maybe addicted) to Chinese take out; the greasier the better.

I know it’s bad for me. I know it is filled to the brim with MSG (even if it says it’s not on the menu) and I know the sodium content alone should make me rethink ordering it.

But… I don’t care.

I love it and if I ever had to choose what my last meal would be- it would be cheap Chinese take out: veggie spring rolls, fried cream puffs, veggie lo mein, fried tofu in general tso sauce and steamed rice for good measure. No I am not joking. That would be my last chosen meal.

I have gotten better at making a lot of those things (like fried tofu) at home to save money, calories and my health. But I am not going to lie to you- like any food addiction, I am guilty of always going back for more.

To make myself feel better, I try to use the leftovers in a more sensible manner like this crisp, refreshing and totally easy salad:



Left over tofu (I used leftover general tso tofu but you can use any take out meat or bean curd or play it smart and make your own fried tofu!)
lemon slices
tomato slices
avocado chunks cucumber slices
fresh spring lettuce mix
lemon and chive dressing


Reheat the tofu for 5-7 minutes on medium heat. Mix the lettuce, spinach and kale. Top with the tomato, avocado, cumber and the heated tofu. Add a little lemon and chive dressing (will post a recipe soon!) and garnish with lemon slices.

Hopefully this counteracts (maybe slightly?) the takeout you consumed the previous night.

I know I feel a little bit better after eating this plus I get to re-purpose my sodium and MSG filled tofu 😉


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