Regrettable mornings: my hair is orange

Sometimes I do silly and regrettable things.  Such as, juicing a batch of slick mustard collard greens or not studying as intensely as I should for my stats midterm, or watching Vampire Diaries season 1-3 on Netflix repeatedly because I do not want to read. I usually try to play it smart and steer clear from messing with my physical appearance though.

However, I didn’t steer clear from messing with my appearance last night. I blame my fancy beer.

I blame it on the alcohol

I drank this beer and felt like I too could be fancy. I decided the fanciest people I am aware of are Kate Middleton and Beyonce and decided to channel my inner Beyonce and color my hair on my own. I tried channeling Beyonce for Halloween a couple of years back during the single ladies fad and this is how it turned out.

wannabe Beyonce

You would think I would learn my lesson; there can only be one Beyonce. Despite knowing this in the pit of my stomach, I tried coloring my hair to get that awesome golden color Beyonce has.

I woke up this morning with orange hair. So I am sorry readers, there will be no recipe upload this Wednesday because I am a little in shock and looking for a solution to this problem.

I am not going to load a picture of the orange hair because… well… I don’t want to be seen like this by anyone other than my hubs (who laughed), my animal fur babies (who are color blind) and the salon that’s going to fix it (who will charge me).

Take home lesson: I am not fancy. I am not Beyonce. I have orange hair.


2 thoughts on “Regrettable mornings: my hair is orange

  1. You are fancy. And there is one on Sonni. And she is the fanciest person I REALLY know.
    But Kate Middleton and Beyonce, totally classy ladies. 😀

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