The nine month plan

This weekend D-Money and I are driving to Texas for my cousins wedding. My Cousin and future Mrs. are high school sweethearts and have a beautiful one year old daughter  together. I am so excited for this weekend and to celebrate their union. I love hearing about high school sweethearts tying the knot because I feel like it is so uncommon now-a-days.

The happy couple

My cousin and Sweet Dee (I totally stole that from Always Sunny but she is a MUCH better person than the character) have been together for over 10 years but are about to start a new journey in their lives as husband and wife.

Thinking about their new start got me to thinking about my personal journey and growth. I always want to grow as a person and do things that promote a healthy lifestyle so I have decided to start a new journey/adventure every month.

There are nine months left this year and I want to make the most out of them! I plan on doing something that makes me a better me (the ‘me’ I want to be) every month, for a month and hopefully I will make it a habit. After the month is over I will start something new and make that a habit. I have been working on my list of things to do for every month. I figured the blog was the best way to share my journey, hopefully inspire others to join and keep me accountable.

Check out my list below and join the 9 month plan! At the start of every month I will discuss the plan in more detail. Since we are on our way to Texas, I will discuss March later. I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys this warm weather!



Practice the 8 hour diet

Practice yoga daily

Write in a journal everyday


Limit social media consumption to 30 minutes a day (minus the blog)

Start juicing daily

Start every morning with 15 minute meditation

Run half marathon


Continue to run 3-4 times a week

Pray daily

Limit television consumption to 3 times a week for no longer than a hour per time


Make amends with someone from my past/ reconnect with an old friend.

Say something positive about myself everyday and write it down


Say something positive about someone else everyday

Start swimming weekly


Spend time crocheting every weekend

Take a self defense class

Do something kind for someone everyday


Read 2 books this month for fun

Get eight hours of sleep nightly

Limit alcohol consumption to twice a month


Read at least two different news sources a day (one liberal and one conservative) and be informed

Run a marathon


Donate time to food bank twice a month

End every evening with 15 minutes of mediation

Learn chess


Donate clothing and items to Salvation Army

Write letter to self of where I would like to be spiritually, mentally and physically this time next year and lock it away until next December.


10 thoughts on “The nine month plan

  1. Good for you–you can do it! If I might make one suggestion: try having just one goal per month? This helps you maintain focus and drive.

    Wish you luck and fortitude! 🙂

    1. Great suggestion! I think these are doable goals because not all call for something to be done everyday but if I need to modify, I definitely will because you’re right- I don’t want to lose focus! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Definitely do it! I need to get better at doing this because my mind is always wandering so I hope this goal helps me keep focus/ relax. Let me know if you do and how the journey goes for you!

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