Mediterranean veggies on a wheat bagel

Yesterday I took my stats exam and was the last one to turn it in which is never a good sign. I was feeling pretty down about it but then D-Money told me that our juicer came in. After watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, we knew we were going to invest in a good juicer and after asking around we were finally able to settle on one.


I think we are hooked. I also think that kitchen gadgets are the key to making me feel better because the horrible stats exam slipped from my mind once I knew the juicer came in. I wonder how expensive our grocery shopping trips are going to be now!?

As promised, today I will be sharing a light and very veggie friendly Mediterranean veggie on a wheat bagel sandwich. It’s a yummy sandwich, packs a lot of flavor and is perfect for lunch!



1 sliced large mushroom
1 sliced ripe tomato
sliced cucumber
your favorite classic hummus
1 clove diced garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
fresh kale
2 slice of vegan mozzarella cheese
salt and pepper


In a medium pan, heat olive oil and garlic until fragrant. Add in the sliced mushrooms (you basically want mushroom steaks, so really big slices) and sprinkle salt and pepper and cook for 2 minutes on both sides.

steak cut mushrooms

Grab your favorite wheat bagel (I used homemade wheat bagels and will share the recipe soon, promise!)

My house smelled like a bakery this morning!

Slice bagel in half and spread a generous amount of hummus and top with mushrooms, tomato, cucumber, kale and one slice of vegan cheese. Repeat for second bagel sandwich. This is a filling lunch and is really yummy!



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