A week of tortillas: nutella fruit wraps

A lot of you got hit pretty hard with snow this week and I hope this simple recipe makes snow-mageddon more bearable. Nutella. Tortillas. Fresh fruit. What more could you want?


We did not get snow. Well, actually we did but it was all melted by 11 am Tuesday. We got two snow days out of it because there was so much hype surrounding the snow storms but it was seriously not a big deal here. Monday, class was canceled and it only rained. Awesome. I had a theory midterm due so I got a chance to revise it some more. It snowed overnight so class was canceled again Tuesday and I got out of a dreaded stats midterm. Even more awesome. As I mentioned earlier, the snow completely melted by 11 am and D-Money, Nala and I went on a long walk. Thankfully, the snow days were exactly what I needed to play catch up with school work, grading and to study more for my stats exam so I am not complaining.

A snow day in Oklahoma
A snow day in Oklahoma

Today, school was back in session but Wednesday’s I don’t have class anyway so I took the time to practice yoga and went running for the first time since I hurt my ankle. It felt amazing to run! I never thought I would miss it so much but I seriously did. It slightly hurt but I tried not to over do it. I am just happy to be running again. Nine days is too long.

After my run, I treated myself with these awesome nutella fruit wraps. I mean if you are going to carb load it might as well be a sweet treat and have fruit right?


In reality, these are not healthy and I know that. They are fun and tasty though. You can make these for breakfast, a social gathering or make them for a dessert. They are best served warm and on these last days of winter, the warmer the better.


5 tortillas
10 sliced strawberries
1-2 sliced bananas
a very generous amount of nutella


Warm tortillas either on an open flame (this is what I do when I feel lazy), on an ungreased pan or in the microwave for 45 seconds. Spread a generous amount of nutella (seriously do not skimp out on the nutella!) over the warmed tortilla.

Glorious amount of nutella!

Add the strawberries and bananas.


Wrap, repeat with all tortillas and cut in half. I drizzled some vegan cream glaze over it for an additional flavor and enjoyed my after run snack.


Don’t worry, I didn’t eat them all by myself, I shared a few with D-Money.



4 thoughts on “A week of tortillas: nutella fruit wraps

  1. I don’t have any nutella at the moment but I’m going to try making this with Speculoos/Cookie butter! Can’t wait dkgjhsdlgk mouth watering as i type this.

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