Healthy mind = healthy body. 

Sometimes messages find you when you need them. This was one of those times.


I love working out and try to focus on the awesome feeling(s) it gives me… but I am human and it’s hard not to measure my fitness success with my weight.

I hurt my ankle the other day during my 7 mile run (which I did in an hour by the way! Ekkkk! I am so excited about that especially considering where I was when I first started training) and was worried not about healing my ankle but about how an injury could negatively impact my weight (worries like, “oh no! I can’t run. I need to eat less to maintain my weight and blah blah blah).

Silly right? I think so too.

I am redirecting my energy to where it needs to be: getting healthy (mentally as well as physically) and feeling good about myself and not the number on the scale.

I am redirecting my energy to being body positive, eating well and getting off that dang wall when doing my yoga head stand.

Look ma, no wall! (Notice my ankle bandage- ouch!)
(ignore my messy house. Seriously. Don’t judge me based off it. I am a busy grad student and TA with animals. Mess is apart of the deal.)

P.S. I am not eating less. I enjoy my food way too much. Plus how can I post recipes if I don’t try them?

P.S.S. I am obsessed with studded/ embellished collared shirts!

Love this mint green gold studded collared shirt. It’s one of the purchases from the V-Day shopping spree from the hubby


8 thoughts on “Healthy mind = healthy body. 

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot. I have been practicing and am finally in a position where I trust my body. The hardest part for me was calming my breath down and not to rush into it. I wish you luck on your goal and please keep me updated! I would love to see your stand =)

  1. Awesome post (and headstand- YEAH LADY)!!! This is a mentality that I struggled with for years and was never satisfied with my weight no matter how small the number on the scale was because I wasn’t healthy in my mind. This is a great mentality to get out there!! You look awesome and happy!!

    1. Thank you much! I seriously appreciate it. I struggle with the scale issue but am really trying not to measure myself based on a number. I feel great and I feel strong! No number can take that away. Your yoga moves inspire me btw! You seem so happy, relaxed and into your poses!

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