Reese’s and cream stuffed strawberries


If you want to try something new, try these on Valentine’s day. Don’t go out to a sex talk lead by the amazing Sue Johanson and give a random guy your telephone number because you think you found your soul mate (you didn’t)… Actually, do all of those things and learn from it. Sue is an amazing woman who informed this ‘abstinence education only’ girl, and the guy (although freaking crazy) was a great learning experience.

So anyway, the story with Mr. Crazy aka Jean Shorts:  After calling it off with this guy I attempted to date long distance during my first year of college (wasn’t the last I saw of him. Although it seriously should have been) one of my best girlfriends, Redd, and I decided to go to the Talk Sex with Sue lecture that was given on Valentine’s day. I think the disappointment of my failed relationship and the fact that I was single on V-Day clouded my judgement because next thing I know I see this guy who I proclaim to Redd, is my ‘soul mate.’ She looks at me like I am crazy but like any good friend decides that watching whatever shenanigans are about to transpire are better than saying ‘nope. He most certainly is not.’

Long story short, I was the girl who gave a random guy (who wears jean shorts) her phone number. At a sex talk. Because I briefly thought he was my soul mate. Crazy right? Well crazy attracts crazy because this guy turned out to be nuts.

And I don’t mean the type of crazy that is compatible with my crazy. I mean the crazy that invites his parents (without my knowledge) on our first date. I mean the crazy who de-friended me on Facebook because I couldn’t hang out one day (he added me again and deleted me like 3 more times. We currently aren’t friends). I mean the crazy that wears jean shorts. In the end I stopped being delusional and realized rather quickly (this whole relationship only lasted like 2 weeks before I jumped ship) that this was not going to work and that I did not find my soul mate and that I was only 19 and spending V-Day alone was nothing to be worried about because I had my best friends. Actually spending V-Day alone at any age is alright because it’s just a made up holiday and seriously who cares?

With all that being said: try these strawberries, especially if you are tired of giving or receiving the same chocolate covered strawberries every year. This recipe is exciting because it puts a new spin on a beloved dessert and gift. It has all the things I love; strawberries, cream, Reese’s and vanilla wafers. They look pretty and are simple to make. I love chocolate covered strawberries as much as the next person but this is always a hit. It’s awesome to give to your partner and friends love them too!

Hopefully you won’t meet anyone crazy this V-Day or hopefully you do and can have a great story to tell in the future. Either way, make these and share with those who are lucky to be loved by you.



about 28 washed and dried strawberries
4 ounces cream cheese
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 tablespoons soft unsalted butter
3 Reese’s
6 vanilla wafers
almond bark for drizzling


Wash and clean at least 28 strawberries.


Using a small knife, cut stems off strawberries and then gut the inside but be careful not to rip the strawberry. The insides can be frozen and used for smoothies or something else. I usually just eat them though.


Next in a small bowl, whisk the cream cheese, butter, vanilla extract, salt and powdered sugar until smooth.


Now pulverize the Reese’s and vanilla wafers in another small bowl. It’s okay to have a few chunks of chocolate.


With a small spoon or butter knife, spoon in a little of the cream cheese mixture into each strawberry.  Dip the strawberries on the side where they have the cream cheese mixture into the Reese’s and wafer mixture. Coat well with the mixture. You are all done unless you decide to drizzle the strawberries with almond bark or another chocolate you have on hand. I personally like the drizzle because it adds another awesome flavor and it looks pretty. Refrigerate for 30 minutes and serve.


Remember that the menu for a week of love  inspired meals can be found here and be sure to check back Sunday for Homemade bread bowls with pasta.


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