Valentine’s Day : A week of love-inspired foods

Next Thursday is Valentine’s Day and I hope you got your stretchy pants on because I will be cooking various foods that are love-inspired and great for sharing with your significant other and/or a group of friends and family. I want this Valentine’s Day to be extra special because it’s my first one ever as a married woman and as far as I am concerned the first one to matter.

I know, I know… how could I be so swept up in a Hallmark created holiday that is marketed to women where men prove their love by material items?

Simple: I love material items…. and I plan on making this V-Day super special for my husband as well. Don’t get me wrong, I believe you should show the person you’re in love with how much you care every day but I am also all for a week of obnoxious displays of affection.*

Yes I said week. Unfortunately, the hubs has an exam Thursday and I don’t get out of class until 7 pm so making the most of the day will be hard when we both are so busy.  So my response was to declare V-Day to last a week ( I also declare that my birthdays last a week but that’s for another blog post). And by week I mean from Saturday- Thursday.  My boo thang and friends will be able to enjoy recipes that are love inspiring and I hope you will share some of them with your loved ones.

I am going to switch things around a bit and post a new recipe this Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. I will also be sharing some hilarious (now that the dust has settled) personal stories of V-Days gone terribly wrong as well as some inexpensive gift ideas. Be sure to check back tomorrow!

Here’s what the food love menu looks like this week:


Sweet dessert: Reese’s and cream stuffed strawberries


Romantic dinner for two: Homemade bread bowls with pasta


Breakfast in bed: Red velvet pancakes


Something for everyone: Vegan surprise cupcakes

*Honestly, I sort of despise Valentine’s day but this is my attempt at liking it. So here we go.

Random love picture


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